About being a woman.

“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”
                                                                                                        ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

How I love being a woman! Nah, won’t lie, I hate it at times. Hate that I can’t go out alone to a pub and relax on a Saturday night without raising a few eyebrows (okay, I can but I feel weird with those weird ogling eyes all around). Hate that I really have to worry about my dress matching my accessories and makeup (yes, sometimes I do). Hate the fact that we are such emotional beings most of the times (I am!). Hate that I have a super fluctuating mood and an equally fluctuating imagination (refer Jane Austen above). Hate that I compulsively become a glum, cranky bitch when I am chumming (It’s like shifting, seriously).

Having shown you the lows, let me tell you that I am not all that negative, not always. I certainly like being a woman sometimes. We are beautiful, emotional, strong-willed and we can create (read co-create). That’s kinda cool, isn’t it! And now, in the 21st century there’s another thing that a woman can do. Take this example, you like a guy at work, like really really a lot. Take it to the point of obsession and then propose your love to him. He tells you he is not that much into you. You have been rejected and you are angry. What could you do? You could click his photo upload it on a social networking site stating that he abused you or better still tried groping you. Voila! One life scarred! See we have that super power now. No wonder a major chunk of the male population is jealous and calls us bitches. It’s an ongoing battle I tell you. They hurt us, we bash them. I wonder where’s the love!

Talking about love and powers, not all of us are lucky with either or both. We are the regular plane Janes. I am one of those writing about all that we crave (some could be crazy weird) and all that we deal with-love, heartbreaks, comfort food, fashion, makeup, books, mood swings, being dreamy, Johnny Depp, adult acne, cellulite and so much more. There will be a lot about my life as a regular working woman. I would rant, I would rave (not necessarily in that order) and I will love to tell you lots of stories. Lots of Love! XOXO




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