The Homey Bengali’s Comfort Food(Recipe)


Having been brought up outside Bengal and not living the Bengali culture as one should, I still surprisingly knew what I wanted on my Sunday lunch platter. I remember not having lived a single Sunday then without having ‘mangsho bhaat’. Though I have had the opportunity to have ‘the bengali mutton curry’ at a lot of good restaurants and a few really popular ones that too, I do not really find it half as comforting as the home-cooked, pot-style, light but spicy succulent pieces of red meat devoured with a bowl of hot plain white rice. It’s not as tough, so you don’t need to tug at the pieces, the meat just comes off the bones and melts in your mouth. Ah! Good old days.

Good OLD days, yes. Why? Because we don’t eat red meat anymore. Through time and through various health issues affecting people in the family, cravings were best be gone! Though we(minus Daddy Finicky) still have our cheat days as in once in half a year or so!

Anyway, this Sunday I had plans of going restaurant hopping because I was craving Bengali food (yes, the poila boishakh/jamai shoshthi type). Alas, I had a water-pipeline malfunction and had the plumber running all over the place. Now, the craving had to be fixed, and fixed in the kitchen itself. Mama Finicky was a little skeptical about my skills in her genre of cooking but after a bit of convincing, she did share her mutton curry recipe and reluctantly let me in her kitchen. BUT we decided on experimenting and tweaked it up a bit to make it into a goat liver masala dish better known as our beloved ‘mete chorchori‘. It just needed me to run to the nearest fresh meat shop to get the liver and that’s it. It’s THAT easy!

You would need:

Goat Liver-300 gms, washed and chopped into bite-sized pieces. Ginger paste-1 tbsp. Garlic paste-1 tbsp. Green chilli paste-1 tbsp. Turmeric-1 tsp. Mustard Oil-2 tbsps (for marination), 2 tbsps for cooking. Potatoes-2 large, diced. Onion-1 large, chopped. Garam Masala (freshly ground)-3/4 tsp. Bay leaves-2. Black pepper powder-1/2 tbsp. Salt to taste.

Now onto the real thing:

1.First things first, for the marinate, add the turmeric, garlic paste, ginger paste, green chilli paste, mustard oil and salt to the liver. Mix it well  And let it sit for an hour or so.


2.Meanwhile, take a few cloves (lobongo/long), nutmeg (jaiphal), cardamom (elaichi) and cinammon (dalchini) and grind it coarsely. I used a mortar and pestle (hamal dasta/khal batta).

4.In a thick bottomed wok (kadhai), heat mustard oil and fry the diced potato pieces with a pinch of turmeric and salt. Fry till slight brown on the sides and keep aside.

3. In the same wok, add 2 bay leaves, the freshly ground garam masala and the chopped onion. On medium heat, sauté the onions till golden brown.

4.Now, expose the wok’s base by lining the masala on the sides, add the marinated liver mix at the centre and turn the flame to the highest setting. This step is important as it allows the liver to brown better.

5.Keep stirring the mix so as to not allow the masala to stick to the base while on high flame. When the liver pieces turn slightly brown, add the fried potato pieces.


6. Add the black pepper powder and salt. Keep stirring, keep frying.You can sprinkle a little water if you find the masala sticking to the base. This is typically called koshano in Bengali households.

7.Finally cover the wok and let it cook on low flame for 5-10 minutes.

What you get is an easy to cook and easier to chomp Mutton Liver masala or the “Mete Chorchori”.

Eat. Love. Enjoy. XOXO


P.S. Sorry I couldn’t click photos for all the steps.


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