La Roche-Posay: My Clear Skin Story

This one’s a mid-week impulsive review on this beautiful beautiful product range-the Effaclar range by La Roche-Posay. I had had had to post this one ’cause I had had had to let the ladies (who may come across this blog) know from my end, what a miracle these two products have been for my skin this summer.

My skin type: Oily in summers, Combination in winters (talk about it! *rolling eyes*)      

Product Descripton (from the brand’s site):
Effaclar Gel, Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser
Gently cleanses impurities while respecting skin’s pH balance.

  • Zinc purifies skin and helps remove excess oil
  • Clear, refreshing texture
  • Use as a daily cleanser for oily skin
  • Soap-free. Alcohol-free. Oil Free.

Effaclar Duo, Dual Action Acne Treatment
Visibly reduces all types of acne blemishes and penetrates deep into pores to clear even stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.IMG_20160426_203121

  • With Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide (5.5%) to fight acne deep in the skin. Micro-Exfoliating LHA provides precise cell by cell exfoliation to clear away dulling cellular debris and oil
  • Non-drying, oil-free, fast absorbing texture
  • Use as a treatment for moderate acne.


Complete care with reinforced anti-imperfection efficacy, to help correct the appearance of imperfections, even skin texture and unclog blocked pores. Now with Procerad(TM), an exclusive anti-marks active ingredient.

Effaclar Cleansing Gel- Rs. 1250/- for 200 ml (US$ 14.99/200ml, UK £10.99/200ml)
Effaclar Duo Acne Treatment- Rs 1300/- for 40ml (US$36.95/40ml, UK £13.00/30ml)

How to Use:
Apply the Effaclar Duo to the whole face morning and/or evening after cleansing skin with Effaclar Foaming Gel.

My Take on The Products:
A brief thing about my skin condition. I had been suffering from mild acne to severe acne to no acne throughout my teenage. Since I was 21, my skin has been sensitive as in it breaks out if I am going through the slightest bit of stress. Otherwise, I have had fairly clear skin but it tends to be excessively oily and has pores on the sides of the nose and cheeks. Mid 2015, I started using new CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising) products which broke me out like crazy! I immediately stopped using them and visited a dermatologist. She prescribed me a fresh new CTM routine which controlled the break out a bit but it was there. I woke up every other day with a fresh zit somewhere on my face (most affected areas were my cheeks and chin). After a lot of hits and misses throughout 2015, one fine day I remembered having read about the Effaclar range somewhere. Continuing my research, I went through a number of mixed reviews on these, most of them were positive and so, I took a leap of faith and ordered these two products off an online site a month back.

Will you believe it if I said I noticed a difference in my skin texture within the first 24 hours of using both the products (i.e. 2 applications)? Well I hope you do ’cause I did. I started with using both the products twice a day-once in the mornings and once in the evenings. Now when the marks have faded out to almost nothing (touchwood!), I use the Cleanser just in the evenings but the Duo I have continued using twice a day till date.

The Effaclar Foaming Gel is a clear, gel-based cleanser which leaves your skin squeaky clean. It has Selenium-rich thermal spring water from a small village in Central France (goes by the name, La Roche-Posay, go figure!) as a major ingredient. Selenium is a powerful natural anti-oxidant, you guys! It’s mentioned to be used on oily skin and could be a little drying for already dry-skinned people (Mama Finicky has dry skin and she was wary!). Having said that when paired with the Duo Plus treatment, it’s miraculous for oily-skinned ladies.

Coming to the Effaclar Duo Acne Treatment, which I believe is more of an “Anti-imperfection Treatment” than an Acne Treatment for me. This has a white, gel-cream texture which gets absorbed into the skin with ease. It comes in an easy to use squeezy tube with a nozzle applicator. They claim it can be used as a primer too (probably as it controls oil-secretion) but I really never tried it as a stand-alone primer. I usually look for non-comedogenic products to apply on my face and this is non-comedogenic (i.e. it doesn’t clog pores). I really won’t comment on how it would perform on ladies with full blown acne conditions. But for me, when my acne condition was fairly moderate with a few zits now and then with the major problem being the open pores and blemishes which refused to budge, this was magical. It has smoothened out the skin, visibly reduced the appearance of pores and the marks are all gone! And I haven’t had one zit since then! How I wish I would have “Before-After” pics to show you. Do give it a shot if similar skin conditions such as mine have been affecting anyone of you. It should be magical for you too!

Happy Summer Skin! Lots of Love! XOXO


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