The Good Old Paneer Makhni! (Recipe)

A long due lunch with a friend was just not happening due to the constant heat wave here in Calcutta. The next best option was cooking at home and having a lazy weekend afternoon in PJs. So here I am putting up a recipe for this fairly common Indian dish which is liked widely as well, it’s the Paneer Maakhni (Butter Paneer) which I paired with the Tandoori Roti (Indian whole-wheat flat bread). It needs a few easily available ingredients and is cooked in the microwave, so when you have a friend coming over and you decide to spend the day cooking & chilling together, this could be a good vegetarian Indian curry option using the good old paneer (cottage cheese). It is very basic, very easy and if I believe P (my friend, duh!), is very very tasty!

You will need:
Paneer cubes-300gms
Tomatoes-500gms (diced)
Ginger-1″ piece (finely chopped)
Butter-2 tbsps
Rice-bran Oil-2 tbsps
Salt-1 tsp
Sugar-1/2 tsp
Garam Masala Powder-1 tsp
Red Chilli Powder-2 tsps
Green Elaichi (Cardamom)-2 (crushed)
Tomato Ketchup (preferably, Maggi Hot and Sweet)-1 tsp
Milk-1/2 cup
Cashew-4 tbsps (made into a fine paste)
Kasuri Methi (dried Fenugreek leaves)-2 tsps
Fresh Cream-4 tbsps

So, now when you have the ingredients ready, the procedure is as easy as it could be:

1. Put in the tomato pieces, ginger and half a cup of water into a deep microwave proof bowl (I use my trusted Borosil one, here’s one from Amazon) and microwave for 5 minutes. Take it out and use your grinder to make it into a fine paste. That’s our tomato purée.

2. Now in a separate microwave-proof cooking bowl (a larger one, preferably), microwave the butter and oil for 2 minutes. After which, add the cardamom, chilli powder, salt, sugar and stir it in.IMG_20160430_123750

3. Add in the tomato purée we made, along with the ketchup. Mix it all up and microwave for another around 3 minutes, stir it a bit and continue microwaving for further 2 minutes.IMG_20160430_124116

4. Now, add in the cashew paste and kasuri methi. Also add in a little water, if you feel the need. Microwave it for 2 minutes.Jpeg

5. Toss the paneer in the sauce and then add the milk and microwave for the final 2 minutes. The Paneer Maakhni is ready. The final touch would be to add the fresh cream on top (make it look like restaurant fare, come on!)IMG_20160430_131318

The afternoon didn’t end with that, we had lots more to stuff ourselves up with and lots of banter but that’s another story. Do comment if you come across my blog and have something to say, would mean a lot to me. For now, you go ahead and cook it up like a Pro!

Lots of Love! XOXO

Some pictures from the afternoon (not all could be posted publicly :P):

P.S. Pardon my amateurish photography please!

This is a late afternoon shot. I tried capturing the halo (it’s all over FB today), but stupid phone didn’t let me!
The PJs, the tanned feet, the summer breeze, the sun-rays, the shadow play. Oh and the frappe in nice smiley mugs. Who says there couldn’t be something called a perfect Summer afternoon!

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