Lust-haves! From Ramp to Rack. 1.0

Hello all you sassy women!

Hey, we are sassy are we not! All of us! For me, Sunday brings out all the sassiness from within me. I do what I want to do, speak my heart and am the coolest on weekends. Yeah baby! Honestly, you cannot be all that cool in front of your boss on weekdays, can you? OK, not always! Sundays are also about being my fashionable best whether I am going out with the family or my friblings or even when I am out shopping on my own. Fashion means confidence to me and I am at my happiest when I am confident. I don’t follow ‘from-the-ramp’ trends usually. Rather, most often I see a model on the ramp and am left wondering about my possibilites of wearing the outfit without looking like a potato or like I’m wearing my grand-dad’s knickers! But once in a while you actually spot something on the ramp and you’re like “hey I could be wearing it and rocking it all the same”. Let’s discuss about these particular trends this Summer.

I had this long-pending idea of doing this blog dedicated to ‘lust-haves’ this season. So this is basically a ‘Spring-Summer 2016’ must-must-must-haves from the world fashion circuit. I have done my bit of research and trust me it’s a long long list (come on, we ladies just can’t have enough of fashion, can we?) So. I have made it into a series with one or two trends per blog post, this being the first in the list. I have added shopping lists to make it funner. Yay!

  1. Shoulder Cut-Out or the ‘Cold Shoulder’ tops are the in-thing and hey, they look great with almost anything you pair these up with.
    To get a chic and classy look, go for pencil skirts or tailored trousers. With a more casual cut-out shoulder top, go for shorts or jeans or even skater skirts (if the top is fitted). You could wear cute cold shoulder skater dresses or chic maxi-dresses too to rock the trend. Don’t worry if your upper arms are a little flabby, just buy the kind of top which has a cut-out that doesn’t drop too low. And if you are a little too thin, avoid the slouchy cut-out shoulder.

    Shraddha Kapoor in a white cut-out shoulder crop top with a hot-pink flared long skirt with white floral motifs. Note how cleanly structured the top is.
    Kim Kardashian in a summery aqua-green collared cut-out shoulder shirt paired with flared black trousers

    Julianne Hough in a cut-out shoulder blush pink dress and nude pointed-toe heels.

DOs- Tie up your hair into a chic updo or atleast keep the hairdo clean. Let the shoulders do the talking!
Go for minimalistic  makeup. Neutrals and nudes look the best when it comes to donning lip colours/eyeshadows!
DONTs– Do NOT over accesorise. Don’t add scarves or unecessary bold neck pieces.

Shopping Time!
Here are some options for the cold shoulder trend in the Indian Online Market which could make anyone look gorgeous!

This top from gives a fusion feel with the white mural print in the front. You could pair it with absolutely anything casual, tucked-in or tucked-out.
This black fitted cut-out shoulder top in black from is chic and pretty. Pair it with single coloured palazzos (olive, as in the pic) or you could wear a box-pleated skirt with this. Along with a pair of dainty strappy heels you are so good to go!
This gorgeous metallic foil dress from Next is available at Cinch it with a belt or wear it as is with gladiators. It’s glam!
This white number from again could be your go to LWD! It’s pretty, it’s simple, it’s bang-on trendy!
This navy blue maxi dress from Next would look elegant, especially on the taller ladies. Pair it with tan gladiator flats and a tan sling bag to complete the Greek Goddess look! Available on
What better than a ribbed stretch knit bodycon fit mini dress for those fabulous girls night-out. This olive one’s from Pait it with your favourite booties and rock the trend!
And how do we end the list without the blue denim shirt! This one I found at Again! Pair it with however you want it. Like seriously! This is one of the most versatile pieces that could ever be.

I did find a number of other cold-shoulder pieces but all of them couldn’t be put up here. Duh! So go ahead and try this one trend this summer. It’s easy-breezy and so so cool!

And if you’re still not sure if you want to buy it, just try and cut out an old T-shirt or a top at the shoulder panel and throw it on! Let me know if you want a DIY post on that. 😉

I will be back soon with the next trend on the “Lust-have! From Ramp to Rack” series. If you do come across this one post, let me know how you like it and may be I could do more of such fashion shopping posts for you. I personally loved making this one, so your feedback would be the only (and the most important!) push required.

Happy Summers! Happy Styling! Lots and lots of Love. XOXO.


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