Lust-haves! From Ramp to Rack 3.0

Howdy pretty women!

Here comes the third post in a row on the “Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2016” with one of the most comfortable and stylish trends from the global fashion scene! If you have missed out on the previous ones, this is the one on the cool shoulder cut-out trend and this is on the street-style plaid/gingham trend. For the current post, I had initially brought together two of my favorite trends, but then the first one itself was so long and versatile, I just had to break it down and keep the other one for the next post.

3. Light-weight Denim or the warm-weather denim has always been there but this time it’s bigger and better with the designers bringing it on the ramp as the in-thing in forms of dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers and so-on. Otherwise too, it’s the easiest to throw these on and walk-out of the door.


I won’t yap-yap about how-to, where-to, when-to wear denim. Denim is as easy as it can be! Just one or two suggestions on the DOs and the DONTs:

~Go distress and ripped on weekends! I haven’t added distressed pieces because I am a tad bit overwhelmed right now with the distressing bit!
~Wear denim on denim, as in a denim top with a denim bottom. Let the shades be different to create the right contrast.
~Wear denim with floral-prints. It gives the right amount of summery vibe.
~Most denim outfits look the best with “tan” accessories as in tan shoes and tan belts and of course tan bags, but don’t let that stop you from experimenting with bright hues such as fuschia, yellow, etc.

~Don’t go all matchy-matchy with the denim on denim thingy!
~Don’t wear denim from head to toe. Don’t wear a denim top, denim bottoms, denim shoes, denim hats and carry a denim bag all together (just saying!). *I just laughed at myself*
~Don’t let it be baggy throughout. Not everyone can carry baggy and not look like a denim tent.

Shopping Time
Now what I did was go on a serious hunt for cues from celebrities who have been seen to style and carry the denim trend with ease and yet make it look the trendiest thing ever!

Deepika Padukone like the style icon she is, looks her casual best in the classic denim shirt tucked in with bright colored trousers.
You can shop a similar shirt from almost anywhere. I found this one at

This net and denim shirt from (L) is a sexy take on the classic blue denim shirt while the Aztec printed denim shirt from ONLY available at (R) adds to the coolness.

In no random order let’s move on to the next style icons..

Laid back and yet stylish! Yes, this is what it’s all about and this is what Jessica Alba has done in this outfit. Denim track pants are the go-to this summer.
I found this mineral washed denim joggers from Forever21. Pair it with a vest or a T-shirt to look casual yet chic.
Jessica Alba again rocks the denim trend with these boot-cut flared denims with a muscle-tee.
Get a similar boot-cut flared denims from Wear with any fitted T-shirt tucked in. This is gonna make you look uber chic!


Alexa Chung, the English Fashion Model in an effortless collared denim dress.
This one from is a button-down number but as effortless and as easy-breezy as Alexa’s. Wear it with sneakers for a fun-flirtatious look and with clogs or platforms for a more sophisticated look.


For a newbie in the industry, Athiya surely knows her fashion right! Anyway, this one denim long shirt is easy to pull of anywhere-everywhere.
Add those stripes and take it to a new level with this light striped denim long shirt from Zara. This will surely be turning heads your way. You could totally pull off the denim-on-denim trend by pairing this one with dark skin-fit denim bottoms.
Rihanna in these cool overalls and those vampy lips is surely looking hot!
And I found you similar overalls from Forever21. Style it sexy like Rihanna or style it fun with a pair of sneakers. Your choice!
Though Sonakshi Sinha is not looking her best with the jumpsuit, (we surely have seen her is a better fashion phase!) we do like the jumpsuit!
And if you like to wear jumpsuits, here’s this one for you from Wear it with a crop top underneath or go daring with a tube bralette. This is gonna make you look so good, if jumpsuits are your thing.
Rachel Bilson in an Elliott Tulip Dress.
The sweetheart neckline makes this denim tube dress the perfect cute little thing. Get this one from
Katie Holmes in this cute dress looks.. well.. cuter!
I found a similar dress with a cinched waistline on Wear it with a thin tan belt just like Katie and you are good to go!

More more and more options. With these pieces you can never ever ever go wrong!

boxy crop shirt forever21
This boxy crop shirt from Forever21 is something which I loved as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I ordered one for myself! Yay!
Get this off-shoulder ruffle crop top from Pair it with flowy floral-print long-skirts for an elegant yet casual look. Pair it with jeans or fitted skirts for the regular stylish look.
Got a lunch date? This summer this denim skater dress from would keep you sorted for the day. Fuschia lip color and fuschia accesories would make the look perfectly color coordinated.
Wasn’t it just my last post where I said that capes and shrugs are a must! This denim one from could make your monotone outfits glam and edgy! Throw it on. Just throw it on!
Ah this dress! There’s something about contrasting denims that makes me go W-O-W! This tiered dress from is just perfect for a day-out with your girls.
This overall dress is yet another casual find from Forever21. I guess they have a ‘khaki‘ colored option as well. I love this dress because it actually breaks the monotony of the frilly fancy dresses. This is straight-up cool.
And just when I was saying frilly-fancy is boring, I found this shift dress at, and umm well I ended up ordering this one as well. This one’s as cute as it can get.
OK I really like my culottes to be simple and clean. This one from Shopper’s Stop will look so good with a white tank top and white sneakers for a basic summer look. Apart from that, because this pair is rather basic you could do just go about pairing it with anything.
This one’s from Zara and the only skirt in this long list of suggested denim pieces. I loved how casual and stylish it looks with the front-slit instead of the regular side-slit.
I cannot help this one piece. I did not have the wildest idea that denim sarees existed but then I thought hey, it’s light-weight, comfy and super super stylish, so why not! This Sri Lankan shopping site called has these real beautiful denim sarees which in turn would make you look beautiful (if you are a saree-snob). Seriously!

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! Some denim pieces as add-ons to an otherwise monotonous outfit. Let these lift your ensemble up!

These denim brogues are what the Fashion Doctor suggested. If nothing else in denim and yet you are feeling denim-y, go ahead and glide these on from
Almost everyone has had a denim sling bag at some point of time! Ya pull those out or get this Forever New one from
denim hat zara
A summer hat from Zara. Need I say more?

Was that too long? No, seriously? I could never get enough of this. But this time, I actually had to edit out some of the stuff because I thought it would be too tedious. Like I really wouldn’t want anyone to lose patience while scrolling down. These pieces surely don’t deserve that! Haha. On a serious note, I didn’t add the regular denim shorts and skirts and of-course the jeans to the list (doesn’t everyone already have those and in numbers you cannot count!). I also have intentionally avoided the ‘distress’ denim trend in the list, it has been a little overwhelming for me as I see just about EVERY FREAKIN’ PERSON wearing it! No offence please! It’s just like that.

So in the end of this extra long (but worth going through) list, I would like let you know, yes, again that I love to hear from you people. Go buy stuff and do drop in a comment when you do, or a suggestion, or any thing! I would love it!

Till then, keep it stylish! Lots of Love! XOXO


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