Lust-haves! From Ramp to Rack 5.0

Hello M’dears!

One of the last few chapters of the “Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2016” coming your way! And today’s trend is a beautiful, romantic, feminine one. Hello to the inner romantic! Haven’t seen the previous posts of this series? Then these are the links to Lust-haves! From Ramp to Rack. 1.0Lust-haves! From Ramp to Rack 2.0Lust-haves! From Ramp to Rack 3.0 and Lust-haves! From Ramp to Rack 4.0.

OK, so today we are talking gorgeous ruffles, beautiful ruching details, elegant high collars, billowy and puffy sleeves, bows, patterned laces and linen, romantic floral patterns, soft silhouettes, broderie anglaise, pearl jewellery. What are we talking about, do you wonder? We are talking VICTORIAN!


The Victorian Trend has been in the fashion scene since Fall 2015. It is all about channeling our love for the bygone era through fashion and yet not look like straight out of  a time warp! So yes, it’s romantic and involves a number of beautiful elements and yet it need not be just for the girly-girl. By incorporating any of these elements paired with modern edgier pieces, you can keep it fresh and chic.

No doubt celebs have been flaunting subtle or full-blown Victorian influences in their outfits now and then.

From L to R, Lucy Hale, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Mischa Burton.

And the fashion editors/gurus themselves too have been seen mixing and matching Victorian pieces in their attire.

Alexa Chung(L) and Pandora Sykes(R)

In India, with such talented designers we have had a number of Bridal couture weeks showcasing Victorian influences.

Aishwarya Bachchan Rai in Sabyasachi and Nayanika Chatterjee in a Rohit Bal creation.

Canne Film Festival has seen our very own Sonam Kapoor flaunting the Victorian voluptious balloon gown and in what pretty forms!

DOs & DON’Ts:

  • The tough part of Victorian styling is it’s pretty tricky, one wrong step and you could look as if you’re in a toddlers birthday party or worse, a fancy dress thingy! So, rule of the thumb is balance it out. Keep one Victorian piece in the attire to begin with.
  • Ruffle necklines or ruched sleeve tops could be paired in unexpected ways to make it look modern. For example they could be thrown in with high-waist black leather pants. Or try pairing it with a pair of cutoffs. Screams trendy!
  • High collared/turtleneck tops or dresses are elegant and super sophisticated but they could be a little restricting, so keep the element in a modern style such as a bodycon or a skater dress.
  • Same thing goes with billowy or puffed sleeves: keep the design element in a modern styled dress.
  • Florals are classic and super romantic. Pair the print with a bolder print to make it look modern.
  • Laces could make you look like a doily. To avoid that, try out some bold colors and laces! Such dramatic chic look it can give!
  • For accessories, add pearls, black velvet, bold chunky rings and hey, you could add to the romantic touch with big bold floral brooches.
  • And if you are not a romantic when it comes to fashion and all that seems a tad bit overwhelming, go for dark bold vampy lips or bold makeup for that matter.

Shop the Trend

A bold pink lace-dress from The elbow sleeves and the edge detailing gives it an old world feel!
The see-through lacy front detail, the front ruching and puff sleeve makes this top the ideal Victorian piece for beginners. Get this one from
Cute girly bow and major dose of ruffles make this polka-dotted number from an ideal piece for this post. Pair it with frill skirts to make it girlier or tucked-in with a high-waist slouchy trousers for the chic look.
This top speaks for itself, what with the high-neck lace collar extending as shoulder panels. Get this at
Lets talk pink! This number from is pretty with ruffles and ruching at the right places.
Go bold with this off-shoulder ruffle top with the bow-detailing neckline from
Nothing spells romance more than pretty florals. This one from is cute with the neckline thingy!
Another off-shoulder number and again in pink from Look at the billowy bell-sleeves. You need to be bold to throw on this one!


This aqua blue and pink box-pleated long skirt from Prints by Radhika is available at Perniaspopupshop. Look at the bold print. Pair it with your favourite silk crop top!
I loved this one from Such beautiful print! And such beautiful silhouette! Pair it with tan knee-high gladiators. Wanna try a tiara with this one? Beach waves anyone?
 The turtleneck is vintage elegant and on this bodycon dress from, it balances out perfectly to create an urban chic look!
This emerald ruffle neckline shirt from is yet another classic piece for the subtle-ruffle girls.
And this similar one from is for the ruffle-crazy one!
A classic white lace midi skirt from
This peach off-shoulder number from with it’s billowy sleeves is beautiful.
Get this off-shoulder ruffle top from
I cannot get enough of these ruffle tops. This one from is yet another staple for the Victorian fashion lovers.


Get this pretty floral ruffle top from I personally love this one!
This powder blue maxi-dress with soft ruffles from is to die for.


Go coral with this turtleneck, ruching details, billowy sleeve number from This would look oh-so-cool with black leather high-waist trousers.
This dress from is elegant and chic. Pair it with booties to balance out the soft-look.
Pretty Elizabeth-esque collar!
Loved this maxi-dress from
Is this going borderline pink-crazy? This top is from is cute nonetheless! Pair it with a pencil skirt or even cutoffs if you may.
This collared dainty white number from with its front-panel lace-detailing is subtle and fresh.
Get this one from The front ruffle-detail reminds me of those Victorian embroidered bib front gowns, doesn’t it?
A mint-green ruffle top from
Capes are my love this season! I couldn’t keep from ordering this one from when I found it. The tie-up bow detailing makes it ideal for this post. Also the flowy silhouette!
This lace summer shrug from is another steal! Pair with a white chemise dress and see heads turn your way!
The puff sleeves and the collar gives this summer jacket the vintage feel. Get this one too at

Hope you liked this post! I just cannot keep myself from sharing all of what I find, yet I had to remove some of the pieces lest it made the post longer than it already is. This trend is so close to my heart because I have loved ruffles, laces and florals and those sleeves since long, it’s just that I never got a chance to incorporate these in my outfits and honestly speaking, a few years ago I would have overlooked it as fashion. Now, I wonder why! Anyway, let me know how you liked it. And also suggest topics for new posts. Will love to hear from some of you! Till then, happy styling and happy summer!

See you soon! Lots of Love! XOXO


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