Epilation and a Product Review!

Hello peeps!
This was supposed to be up the Sunday before the last. But for some unknown reason, it didn’t get uploaded. And well, I got to know it just now. Anyway, I have a product review as the name suggests but before getting all business, let’s talk about one of our womanly woes which is Body Hair Removal!
OK, so which other girl finds hair removal a pain in the ass and not only because of the pain but for the time consumption as well? I DO! There’s this thing about me..like seriously.. months pass before I actually go to the salon to fix my eyebrows.. and to tell u honestly, back in school I used to wonder how my girlfriends actually found time to go and get themselves waxed! I still do. I haven’t been able to convince myself for a regular waxing session till date. OK OK, just twice or thrice but the salon girl came down home so that shouldn’t count right? Anyway, I started off with shaving when in school. And though we didn’t have the Gillette Venus back then, we surely had some fancy colorful Korean aloe-infused razors which came in packs of three (I lived in Nepal then and we had such imported knick-knacks at our disposal almost always.. yeshh!) But even then, I never really felt good about it. Though people say it is a myth that hair grows back stiffer, I found myself having a stubble on my legs. The “smooth hair-less” effect too never lasted long enough and shaving every other day lead to a lot of ingrown hair and bumpy skin which I am bothered with even today. Next I moved on to the depilatory creams- Anne French to begin with and then came Veet. But they smelled awfully chemical which by the way they are. These creams are alkaline chemicals that react with the superficial hair growth. Somehow these did turn my hands a little patchy. But that could be the Sun too because I played basketball then and for hours at a stretch. Though I haven’t tried the newer variety which claims to nourish, moisturize, whiten, tighten the skin, but the chemicals make me go, No Sir! Now I even tried the Veet Wax Strips and that felt good as in it wasn’t messy like regular waxing method and it did its job good enough but it still felt like a hassle ’cause I never could do it all by my own. Thanks to the fact, my sister had earned quite a bit of pocket money back then. Even after all these experiments, hair removal still never feels good to me then you’d ask me why do I do it. That is because I like how I feel afterwards-smooth and supple. So in my quest to find out the perfect hair removal method I switched over to Venus but again the bumps appeared. I was like meh, let’s be with the hair! My arms can still manage without hair-removal but no dear, my legs cannot! For lack of a better term, let’s say my legs are the legs of a fully grown man. Well, that’s that. *shrug* So, now comes the twist in the tale. I start reading about Epilators. Epilators did exist when I was younger (remember the Braun Silk epil ads?) but were never too popular, atleast not amongst the middle-class Indians. Even now, there are so many misconceptions about Epilators and epilation. So let’s talk epilation a bit, shall we? And also a very good Epilator if you’re interested in one.
So what are Epilators?
Epilators are electrical devices which are used to temporarily remove hair at the follicle level. Let’s put it straight, these are like multiple tiny electronic tweezers which work together as spinning discs or springs which capture hair on the skin level while the rotation plucks the hair away from its roots. These can be used to remove hair from legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, face, well almost everywhere but I do not use it for anywhere other than my arms, underarms and legs. The misconception about epilators is that most people think it’s a fancy shaver! Well, NO, it’s NOT! Now you know why.
So finally, last year I got my hands on this baby. Why Braun? Well I am a firm believer in specialisation. I did go through other brands and their reviews though. But found this one suitable for my needs and most of the people were raving about this.
The outer packaging is a black cardboard box with a transparent section through which the epilator can be seen. They’ve got a user manual/guide inside. Both of which I have lost like a usually do. So posting a picture from the internet.
It has:
  • 40 tweezers, close-grip for tiny hairs removal,
  • it’s one of the fastest and most powerful epilators, making epilation a less time consuming process,
  • it’s wet & dry and also cordless,
  • it has Smartlight facility which reveals the finest hair for thorough epilation,
  • it has accessories like a facial cap, efficiency cap, and a sensitive area cap,
  • it also has 2 additional heads – trimmer and shaving heads.
  • has 2 speed settings.

My Experience:

I won’t say I loved it but it serves it purpose and serves it well. Initially, the first few uses were excruciatingly painful, probably more so because you are doing it to yourself. It’s in the psyche! But gradual usage lessened the pain. Now  it hurts a bit at the beginning of each session, but then it doesn’t bother me anymore. I don’t use it wet as I feel it hurts more that way. Again. Could be psychological!15310615_718335841655641_1131689216_n

I like the slower speed setting as it is gentler and gives better results I feel. Now, talking about the results; if you’re expecting results like shaving, you could be a little disappointed. Atleast for me, the results were not as smooth. It could be that I am not as good with the technical process here but the results are pretty satisfactory for me. The best thing is results are pretty long-lasting but that would be dependent on individual hair growth cycle. The other great thing which I had read but couldn’t believe till I found out myself was the hair-thinning aspect. I had mentioned that I had stubbly hair growth on my legs. Well that’s not the case anymore. Yayy!! With repeated usage, the hair on my legs has thinned out.

To tell you honestly, I still am lazy about the sessions. I skip epilating for 1-2 months sometimes but it still has helped reduce the hair density and the stiffness. I will try to be a little more regular now as I am seeing promising results.


  • Can be used independently in the comforts of your home.
  • Pretty decent, long-lasting results.
  • The Smartlight aids in fine hair removal.
  • Hair density reduces over time along with thinning out of each hair strand.
  • The pivoting head helps adjust with the contours on your body, especially underarms.
  • The shaver and trimmer head helps in shortening the length of the hair strands
  • The cordless feature is a boon!
  • Hurts a lot in the beginning.
  • Takes a long time to practise and getting used to it to give precise results.
  • The massager head isn’t of much help in easing the pain.
  • The facial attachment too isn’t of much use for me as I am not too keen on using it for facial hair removal.
  • Cleaning is a bit difficult.15319352_718336001655625_1112121053_n

All in all, it’s a good investment and I intend to keep using it and in a much more regular way to get better results. I would like to go for Laser Hair Removal someday but till then, this is it. I am leaving this link if you wan’t to go ahead an order one for yourself.

Whew! This was a long one. Hope to hear from you!

Lotsa Love! XOXO


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