Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals- A Product Review.

Hello Pretties!

OK, I have this weird combo going on with me and would like to know if it’s the same with others too and what do you guys do about it. I have super oily facial skin, oily/greasy scalp, dry/frizzy hair and extremely dry body (arms and feet) since the past few months. With a job that keeps me on the move with absolutely no time for myself resulted in a couple of issues with my hair and face (yes. again.) and I did my bit of struggle to best cope with them but the thing which was left totally neglected were my poor feet! I remember Granny (Nani) Finicky telling me during my early teens that ‘the feet, if not anything else, should be taken care of as they carry our weight 24*7’ and look what happens when you forget her advice! I was left with dry, patchy feet with deep cracks on the heels as well as the balls. Moreover I had not noticed that I had developed hard corns in between the toes on the sole and near the Achilles tendon. Ewwww! I don’t have a picture of that condition and even if I did, I wonder if I could have put it up on the blog.

Anyway, I say this because it is a thing of the past! *glee* How? Well that is what this post is all about. I am going to review an amazing feet saver!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals

I was pretty doubtful about investing on this one, even though I trust Scholl as the foot care expert. My doubts were mainly about two things, firstly about the scores of fake Scholl electronic pedicure devices available online (I won’t lie but I did think of giving the Chinese thingy a shot but ah well..). The second doubt was about its practicality and the all normal ‘would-it-even-work’ doubt because the condition of my feet was very bad. Like really really bad. But then I did go crazy and splurge-order a couple of things online and this was amongst the ordered stuff (If you’d seen it on my Insta page). So, read on further to know more about this good old boy!


Price: 4048/- (You will get discounts online almost always)

Packaging: Simple, decent, sturdy. It came in this blister package with 4 AA batteries and two Diamond Crystal roller heads free! Yay!!

Product Claims:
Get soft beautiful feet in just 2 minutes – have a pedicure at home with the Express Pedi with diamond crystals. Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi has a unique roller head with diamond crystals, which gently removes hard skin and leaves feet feeling silky smooth.

  • The unique roller head with diamond crystals gently removes hard skin leaving feet feeling silky smooth
  • Soft, beautiful feet after one use.
  • Ergonomically designed handle is moulded to fit the hand, making it extremely comfortable and pleasant to use
  • Comes with a safety feature that locks the roller in place if too much pressure is applied, preventing any injuries.

My Experience:
The usage is pretty intuitive. There are coarse roller heads which are said to have some diamond crystals (no idea, seriously) which rotate with a twist in the handle to work on coarse skin to remove dead skin. Long story short, this is an auto foot-filer saving you tonnes of hard work.
I used this pretty impatiently for the first time and though it did scrape off quite an amount of dead skin, I was not happy with the results. But then, the secong time around, I took my own sweet time and carefully let the thing work its way through the multiple layers of dead skin. And voila! I was left with pretty feet! OK, I did follow it up with a foot cream (this one is love, review will be up soon) and then followed it up with 2 (yes, TWO) cotton socks on each foot! By the next day, the miracle had happened! Honestly, I had never had such smooth and soft feet ever. From then on, it’s been a fortnightly (if not weekly) polishing routine and my feet thank me every freakin’ day, like literally, even on the days when I am on my toes for a good 13-14 hours straight!

> No more salon-pedicures (if you know me, you will know what a life savior that is)
> Easy to use.
> Easy availabilty.
> Very efficient.
> Travel-friendly.
> Results from first use.

> None that I can think of.
> Well maybe the battery usage.

Yay or Nay? Total Yay! Go get it if you’re having similar issues. Or have you already tried it? Let me know.

Lots of Love! XOXO.


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