Who is Finicky Lady?

A totally regular Indian woman who fumes, frets and yet loves everything that is around her (OK, most of the things) and is putting all of that into words, trying her stint at blogging as a Lifestyle Blogger.
Loves colours, rain, dancing, talking, late nights, early mornings, walking, talking, shoes, kohl, ghazals, cheese, books, mountains, puppies, water, intelligence, disco lights, old diaries, mangoes, tattoos, trees, long drives, letters, gramophones, history, tequila, gooseberries, cheesecakes, wine, home-brewed beer, EDM, pubs, honesty, bikes, smiles, moustache, sunset, rom-coms, thunderstorms, stories, candle-light, red roses, pajamas, pickles, spices, bonfires, snowfall, winters, hot chocolate, deep conversations, star-lit night sky, deep-fried food.


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